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Black Diamond Blasting Sand Axolotl

caudata.org newts and salamanders ,so how i came upon this subject of free fresh sand happened like this. and children's play sand will always be the best kinds of sand to use in an axolotl tank. it is sold for sand blasting and not for aquariums. p.s.: just found some information at the manufacturer's website: it is some kind of coal slag..freshwater substrates - gravel, sand forum,you can get black diamond blasting sand really cheap there. i have to admit i want one too but that means another tank i have to set up) is an axolotl. but that's .first time using sand in fish tank. help.,i decided to use sand instead of gravel due to the nice natural look. i got it mainly for my axolotl tank as it is fine enough not to hurt my axie want black black diamond blasting sand (med-coarse grit) $8.00 for 50 pounds..a guide to choosing an aquarium substrate,the most commonly used substrates include sand, gravel, aquarium soil, plants; not suitable for certain types of aquatic pets (e.g. goldfish, axolotls) specific sand in bulk such as pool filter sand or diamond blasting sand. ada amazonia uses a rare japanese black soil and contains organic .

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