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Civ 6 Rainforest Improvement

is it ok that i just chop down the rainforests? civ,i mean, with nothing to build to improve them, i tend to just cut down and rebuild new stuff over them eventually, is this a i almost always end up clearing rainforests unless i have some special civ ability or wonder. science 6 days ago..civ vi does setting down a district/wonder on forest or bonus ,or does the forest/rainforest/resource just gets destroyed with no benefit? [civ vi] does setting down a district/wonder on forest or bonus resource that resource, even though you can't build a mine or other improvement. 1 6 days ago..stupid adjacency question campus edition civ,placing a campus in the middle of a rain-forest gives sweet 1 sci for each adjacent 6 days ago r/civ - had a great day at work and got off early enough for..civ 6 marsh and rainforest tiles civ,it's a mid to late game shift. the farms will eventually provide more food and housing, the unsung hero of terrain improvements. also, later on builder charges will .

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