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What Type Of Boundary Is Yellowstone

how fast is the hotspot moving under yellowstone?,actually, the source of the hotspot is more or less stationary at depth within the earth, and the north america plate moves southwest across it. the average rate .the geology of yellowstone national park part i,yellowstone national park is home to thermal features, volcanoes, several the more solid section above that joins the earth's crust to form the top layer of though its caldera is just outside of the park boundary it does rest .volcano - hot springs and geysers,yellowstone national park in the united states is one of the most famous rate of a few centimetres per year, form three basic types of boundaries: convergent, .the formation of volcanoes,volcanoes are common along convergent and divergent plate boundaries. example of a composite volcano that forms as the result of a convergent plate boundary: hawaii, runion, yellowstone, galpagos, and iceland are some of the .

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