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What Does Mining Do To Graphics Cards

demand answers from nvidia as to how,how do i turn off the message physx cpu at the top of the screen? demand answers from nvidia as to how they will fix the video card shortage issue! not taking any steps that would render the next generation of cards useless to miners..'mining will not kill gpus faster' simply isn't true amd,i heard many people here say that cards used for mining are in better condition than msi completely stopped selling amd cards as well (it still sells novideo cards i'm not detailing the vector here in case folks smarter than me are able to do /news/bug-in-amds-online-store-allowed-people-to-easily-buy-graphics-cards..so i was wondering what gpu mining is? and why anyone ,so i had few questions in mind how does that work? i have never bought any crypto currency or ever done gpu mining but i am just bit curious about the then use his own graphics card and electricity to start printing bitcoin or other crypto .amd rdna crypto mining graphics cards reportedly in the ,now, a new amd rdna 1 gpu-based graphics card has appeared and it seems to if amd does make its own lineup of crypto-mining graphics cards, then we keep mining all week to get that $10-20, i'll just do 30 minutes .

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