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Washing Machine Drain Standpipe

1 1/2' or 2' washer standpipe?,i am cleaning up some of the old brass plumbing in the laundry room in preparation for a new front-loading washer. the drain is 1 1/2 in. and was previously .wondering why is no air gap required for a washing machine ,why are you allowed to insert the drain hose from a clothes washing machine into the standpipe or into the laundry sink, but for other things you .how to keep a washing machine hose from falling on the ,the drain hose on your washing machine allows laundry waste water to drain from the machine and into a sink or standpipe, also called a drain pipe..washer stand pipe requirements,i'm helping my sister remodel her laundry room and the drain appears to be installed incorrectly. the trap is too high and the stand pipe is too .

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