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Problems With Eaton Breakers

arc fault circuit interrupters frequently asked questions,one of the most common problems that cause the afci to trip is grounded and breaker. you can not use single pole arc faults breakers with shared neutrals..afci breaker are hot,i was in a 3 year old house with eaton afci breakers. the house was vacant an no load was being appled to the afci circuits. when the panel was off there was .3 common reasons for afci breakers tripping,afci breakers are used to detect arc faults and any abnormal arcing activity, then cut power to a home's wiring system in order to avoid a spark .eaton dual-purpose breaker keeps tripping,if the same breaker trips, then it is a bad breaker. if the same circuit trips then there is some bad wiring, switch, outlet or a bad connection. arc fault interrupter can detect bad a connection due to arcing. some arc fault breakers do go out of calibration after years of no problems..

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