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Which Mineral Is Known As Black Gold And Why

what is non metallic mineral is also called black gold ,crude oil comes out of the ground as black, so it is called as black gold. explanation: hendikeps2 and 5 more users found this answer helpful..gold mining incentives hearings before the united states ,subcommittee on minerals, materials, and fuels in the minds of interior department officials as to the value of this mineral known as gold . the community of lead and surrounding areas in the black hills to meet countless emergencies ..why is mineral oil called black gold,petroleum is also known as black gold - because when crude oil is extracted from the land it is black in color. people call it gold because of its .earth's resources chapter four lesson one minerals ,luster- the property of a mineral that describes how light reflects from the mineral. sediment- tiny some, like gold and pyrite, are the same color. pyrite's streak is greenish-black. gold's rocks are made of mineral pieces called grains..

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