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What Should Be The Core Of An Electromagnet Give Reason

by inserting an iron core in a coil carrying current,the strength ,this combination of a solenoid and a soft iron core is called an electromagnet. the soft iron core helps in along a particular direction.why does this happen?.best material as the core for electromagnet?,is it good to use combination of ferrous and non ferrous as a core material. so here i am asking for help from those who can explain to me how to simulate the .read the extract given below and answer the question that ,soft iron core is used to make electromagnets as it gains and losses on a vibrating bell, the bell will ring continuously until the power is cut off. reason .the most suitable material to be used as the core of an ,click here to get an answer to your question the most suitable material to be used as the core of an electromagnet is (soft, hard) iron..

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